Prefabricated Homes

We manufacture high-tech LGS (Light Gauge Steel) structures for the construction of prefabricated building systems, steel trusses, luxury homes, modular residential or commercial construction.

We believe in pushing the boundaries of innovation, finding ways to work faster and smarter. We recognize the needs within the construction industry, collaborating with innovative people. This we believe is achieved through our LGS framing system. On the premises of vigorously advocating new LGS formats; with a strong focus on environment protection within the steel structure industry.

Using a wide range of cutting edge technologies throughout its production procedures to process steel in thicknesses ranging from Gauge 10-22 G90 – 50 KSI. That has allowed us to constantly find new ways to improve our industry while being on the forefront of sustainability.

Our Products

A light gauge steel truss offers the architect, engineer, contractor and owner all the flexibility and design advantages of wood trusses, plus the versatility and safety of an ECO-FRIENDLY alternative material. Light Gauge Steel Trusses provide a pitched roof alternative to the flat roofs normally supplied by bar joist and pan steel construction as seen on commercial buildings. Light gauge also eliminates the use of fire treated lumber which is a chemically treated version of regular lumber.

Light gauge truss used for schools, assisted living facilities, military facilities, fire department and warehouses. They are quickly becoming a more viable choice in residential building as well, due to the safety factors and piece of mind associated with the use of a steel truss.

Luxury Residential LGS (Light Gauge Steel) is the perfect choice for renowned architects and owners that want an innovative and durable custom project. We build with the intention of exceeding our clients’ expectations for safety, quality, functionality, aesthetics, and deliver finished products that stand the test of time.

SteelHomes™ manufactures steel frame compliant under Florida Building Code. We are a Miami-Dade approved fabricator, with an expirenced team of Certified Welders( AWS) on hand to work on any size project. Including restaurants, strip mall, commercial structures, multi-unit buildings and warehouses, customized to clients specifications and plans.

When it comes to commercial construction steel framed structures – are the most effective choice for durability and longevity of the structure – Steel Frame Benefits. The frame bears or transfers all wind loads and most dead and live loads to which the structure is subjected. It also supports all cladding and lining materials and most fixtures.

The frame provides the strength, stiffness and geometric stability of the building. Its ability to stay straight and square indefinitely, through varying seasons with temperature and humidity changes, is vital to just about everything attached to it – such as the brick exterior skin, roof tiles or sheeting, window units, door frames, plasterboard wall linings, ceramic tiles and so on.

STEELHOMES™ features outstanding Manufactured Homes . STEELHOMES™ Manufactured Home structures are selected for their quality and their stand-behind-you, 5 year factory warranty. STEELHOMES™ has manufactured for the Manufactured Homes industry as an independent manufacturer with the latest technology, craftsmanship and design. STEELHOMES™ manufactured structures are committed to providing the finest quality manufactured homes and modular homes in the Florida tri-county area.

We will work with any property management company ranging from .5 acre to 2.5 acre lots and home sites for manufactured homes for sale throughout the area.

STEELHOMES™ manufactured structures is launching its first line of Manufactured (Manufactured) Homes in South Florida and welcomes you to visit us at our steel frame factory in the City of Hialeah.


SteelHomes is the perfect choose for international projects with years of experience in fast deployment. Helping hotels and international travel companies reach there deadline on time and on budget. Our crew has travel the world from Africa, Uruguay, Bolivia, Nicaragua and small Caribbean Islands like Bonaire. Our typical clients are private owners or project managers that must finish projects quickly and with the best quality. SteelHomes is proud to be approved by EXIM BANK visit EXIM BANK to see if your country is approved.

Abroad Advisory Service: If your building team is in need of advisory service with your present or future LGS projects, SteelHomes is the company for you. We take huge steps to ensure discretion and your companies privacy. Our CEO believes in passing it forward and that brainstorming within like-minded people is key to the safety and success of the LGS construction industry foreign and domestic. We are proud to be regarded as the premier company for private builders and Fortune 500 companies. Our service range from project advisory, quality product verification and safety evaluation. Travel is available if needed.


SteelHomes is a leading provider of emergency housing/hospitals relief when conflict, or natural disaster, disrupt life to such an extent that communities are unable to quickly rebuild in a rapid safe manner. Our steel construction framing system and panel walls have allowed us to help provide vital support for multiple countries around the global, making a tangible difference in people’s lives. From emergency shelter to full community development we are your best choice. SteelHomes works and cooperates with international governments or aid organizations, including the United States (FEMA). We provide the experience and solution.

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WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT STEEL STRUCTURES and OUR GOAL is for you to be satisfied with the Construction Headquarters LLC.